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Our Scottsdale Chiropractic Office
Treats Patients with TMJ, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Migraines and More!

"Comfortably adjusting from Pain to Power in the shortest recovery time" is highly achievable at Secrest Family Chiropractic. Our Scottsdale Chiropractic office is centrally located in South Scottsdale, and also serves Tempe, Mesa, as well as Chandler, Metro Scottsdale-Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills.


Scottsdale Auto Accident Injuries

Patients seeking relief from Scottsdale auto accident injuries such as whiplash, back pain, migraine headaches, TMJ, pinched nerves, neck pain, and various extremity joint pains have found our chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Secrest's advanced low-force, applied kinesiology based techniques,  to bring quick and comfortable results, frequently in as few as three to eight care sessions.

Auto accident injuries and Workman's Compensation cases require no out-of-pocket costs. We are in-network with Medicare PPO and most other major PPO plans. Deferred, interest-free family cash plans are also available.

Low-Force, Applied Kinesiology Based Techniques are Comfortable-yet very powerful

"I want to be your chiropractor! I want to help you transition from Pain to Power through comfortable chiropractic care."

Using low-force, Applied Kinesiology based technology, we can adjust you in a standing, sitting or walking position.Yes, this is 21st century chiropractic, where you can receive a full-body alignment on your first visit. "I treat patients suffering from various chronic conditions, such as sciatica, TMJ, migraine headaches, neck pain & back pain, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, menopause, cramping, and joint pain in the hips, knees, feet, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Scottsdale TMJ sufferers Scottsdale sciatica sufferers and Scottsdale migraine headache sufferers, you need to call me!

I also offer treatment for post-operative scar tissue, rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, stress knots, and sports-related extremity injuries, such as pulled hamstring, tennis and golf elbow, frozen shoulder, knee pain, ankle and foot inflammation.  I have had the unique pleasure of witnessing rapid and dramatic changes in the health and mental outlook of my patients.

I have helped babies, seniors and all ages between, to release pain and reach for their full potential. Read their testimonials, on this site. Remaining in pain and discomfort is no longer a necessary condition. I can comfortably help you eliminate stress and panic patterns, regain your strength, flexibility and turn your power-back-on, at work, home and play."  

Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC, Chiropractic Physician 480-994-4411

Licensed  Massage Therapists offer stress relief and soft tissue trauma release. Both table and chair massages are available, to help you relax and to help your chiropractic alignment hold longer and better.  We offer therapeutic and chiropractic care to all ages, including pediatrics, teens, working adults, pregnancy, and senior living. Chronic ailment cases, such as fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, eye/ear pain and spinal stenosis are welcome.

Sports Ailments are converted to greater power for added performance and accuracy through the use of Low-Force, Applied Kinesiology Based Techniques and the Graston Technique for soft tissue injuries. Ask about Controlled Action Taping using strong but non-restrictive taping methods for nearly-instant pain and inflammation relief. Now, you can get back on the field of play quickly and increase your performance.

Note: As with any healthcare treatment/therapy, results are not guaranteed and there are no promises or claims made by the doctor, office staff or the corporation for the cure of any disorder, disease or condition. Chiropractic adjustments and supportive therapies are designed to reduce and/or correct subluxations, allowing the body to return to improved health. 

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