Work Injury Treatment

Like any other city in the world, if you are working in Scottsdale, you are likely to face hazards related to your occupation or work environment. Some work injuries may result in extensive pain requiring urgent attention from a chiropractor. Do not hesitate to visit Secrest Family Chiropractic to have any of your work-related injuries addressed.

What is a work injury?

An accident that occurs in any the following ways is considered a work injury.

  • Any accident that occurs while an employee is on his or her way to work or from work to home.
  • When a person receives an injury while trying to save individuals or property at the workplace.
  • Any form of assault on an employee during work or as a result of work, including sexual assault.
  • Any injuries inflicted on an individual while working under the instructions of a superior.

The forms of a work injury

There are many forms of work injuries depending on the individual’s occupation. This may include burns, drowning, and joints dislocations. These injuries often result in a lot of pain, especially for individuals who lift heavy objects. Most of the accidents reported are mainly in the manufacturing industries, where many of the tasks require machinery.


In case of an accident that involves bones or disc relocation, urgent treatment must be provided as some injuries may result in internal bleeding. Our chiropractor will analyze your muscles and determine whether surgery is required. Physical or muscle therapy might be sufficient to heal the injuries.

Some injuries may require total bed rest under the supervision of a health professional while others require only a few days of therapy. However, it is crucial to note that some work injuries may be life-changing, where you may never be able to work properly again for the rest of your lifetime.

Work Injury Treatment in Scottsdale

Whatever your situation may be, at Secrest Family Chiropractic in Scottsdale, our professionals will walk with you through the journey to recovery. Call us today at (480) 994-4411 to schedule an appointment.

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