Neck Pain FAQ Answered by our Scottsdale Chiropractor

Neck pain can make it hard to move your head around, which can affect your ability to drive, work and do other everyday activities. Chiropractic care can help ease pain in your neck and lower the risk of it coming back. Find out more about this type of pain with the following commonly asked questions from our Scottsdale chiropractor.

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What Causes Neck Pain?

You can have neck pain from different causes, including acute injuries or wear and tear that takes months or years to develop. Soft tissue injuries and spinal disc injuries in your upper spine can lead to neck pain. One of the most common causes of pain that affects the neck is whiplash. This condition occurs when your head and neck are thrown back and forth suddenly during a car accident. You might also have pain from text neck, which is a condition that develops when you frequently tilt your head while using your phone. 

How Is Neck Pain Diagnosed?

Our chiropractor can evaluate your neck with a physical exam to determine the cause of your pain. This might include having you turn your head from side to side to check your range of motion. You might also need to have imaging tests done for a more detailed image of your neck. This helps our chiropractor see the extent of the damage to your upper spine. 

What Kind of Neck Pain Treatment Is Available in Scottsdale?

At Secrest Family Chiropractic, PC in Scottsdale, we offer chiropractic care as neck pain treatment. This care involves adjusting your spine to correct any misalignments that have occurred. These misaligned discs can contribute to pain by putting pressure on your nerves. Chiropractic care eases this pain. Our chiropractor might recommend other kinds of care for neck pain, such as stretches, lifestyle changes and nutritional counseling.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Scottsdale for Neck Pain Relief

If you suffer from neck pain, please contact Secrest Family Chiropractic, PC to make an appointment. Our chiropractor in Scottsdale can find the cause of your symptoms and provide you with neck pain relief.

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