Our Scottsdale Chiropractor Explains the Causes of Lower Back Pain

The number of people suffering from lower back pain is phenomenal.  What are the major causes of back pain, and how can you treat it? Auto accidents, slips and falls, and sometimes illnesses and diseases are common factors involved. However, other causes include:

  • Pulled muscles
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Sports injury, etc.

Some doctors might recommend surgery, pain killers or pain management, which often times boils down to surgery. A chiropractor on the other hand, might recommend a different approach. Secrest Family Chiropractor, PC in Scottsdale offers non-surgical back pain care. Once you get a proper diagnosis, you can start to feel better.

How Do We Diagnose Your Back Pain?

Before we prescribe a treatment plan, we will evaluate the severity of your condition. You are asked to complete a written medical history. We look at your responses to questions about your pain, location, length of time, and severity. Next, we inquire about your activity level, and how your back pain affects your normal activities such as sleep, work, exercise, etc. This information gives us a clear picture of what your daily life is like.

Next, we will proceed with a physical exam. A physical exam will help us determine the course of treatment we need to pursue. These exams include:

Leg raising testLying on your back and raising your legs recreate the pain. This gives us an indication of the pain location.

Reflex test This test pinpoints decreased muscle strength and weakness.

Neurological examThis exam tests your reaction to sensory touch, along the buttocks, and legs. It involves manual movement of the knee, hip and ankle.

Range of Motion (ROM) –The range of motion exam allows us to observe how your back pain affects you while you are in different body positions. This includes bending, kneeling, twisting, sitting, standing, etc.

Palpation This test involves an hands on exam. We check the lower back area for any signs of tightness, tenderness, abnormalities or spasms.

Get You Back Pain Relieved Today

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