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Sciatica nerve pain causes a number of symptoms in patients. It causes pain on one side of the leg or buttock, burning or tingling pain, and weakness or numbness in the leg. This condition can be caused by pinched nerves, damaged discs, and spinal stenosis. The sciatica nerve is the largest in the body and made up of several nerves.

Secrets Family Chiropractic PC offers alternative treatments for patients that do not involve medications and surgery. Our treatments are non-invasive and strive to help patients manage pain and increase mobility and movement. Our chiropractor will give you a complete assessment before recommending therapies for your sciatica.

Types of Therapies Used to Treat Sciatica

Chiropractic Care and Manipulation

This technique performed by our trained chiropractors provides manual manipulations that help with spinal alignment and help address pain. After testing, the chiropractor will apply pressure with his hands by using a special device to help heal the spine, discs, and muscles. Other therapies may be used along with this treatment. Our chiropractors are trained in many different manual techniques.


This treatment balances energy in the body and manages pain by inserting thin needles into specific locations. The treatment is approved by Food and Drug Administration for treatment of pain. Acupuncture helps with controlling the pain of sciatica.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy relieves pain and helps with the movement of the legs, arms, spine, and muscles.  It is hands-on manipulation of certain parts of the body to heal and relieve pain. They offer four types of massage therapy here.  The types are Swedish, Deep Tissue, sports, and massage sitting in a chair.  The doctors will use the best technique to help you with sciatic pain.

Exercise Therapy

The chiropractor will give you a series of exercises to perform at the clinic or home. These exercises will help with movement and control pain.  Exercises are designed to address each patient’s type of sciatica and help them manage pain and increase mobility.

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