Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Scottsdale

Pain in your foot raises concerns about the underlying cause of your discomfort. When the pain persists, it may cause you to seek treatment to address the problem and prevent further discomfort. At Secrest Family Chiropractic, we offer treatments to help with plantar fasciitis pain in your feet.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common type of pain in your heel and it relates directly to the plantar fascia ligament. Injuries to the ligament or pulls on the ligament cause the pain you experience.

The common symptoms you may notice include:

  • Heel pain when getting up in the morning or after sitting for an extended period
  • Reduced stiffness when moving around
  • Greater pain when standing for extended periods or when climbing stairs

Since the pain stems from an injury to the ligament, you want to work with a chiropractor to address the underlying pain. A chiropractic professional evaluates the way you walk and the symptoms you describe before developing a treatment plan for your foot pain.

Treatments from a Chiropractor in Scottsdale

A chiropractor in Scottsdale develops a treatment plan based on your symptoms and situation. Since the pain may stem from the way you walk, high arches on your feet or inappropriate footwear, we identify the underlying reasons for your pain before recommending options to help with the discomfort.

When treating the pain, we use a combination of options based on your goals and the severity of your symptoms. We may recommend icing the area to reduce any swelling. A chiropractor in our clinic also uses stretches and exercises to help loosen up the muscles in the area that may contribute to the excessive pressure on your plantar fascia. We focus on clarifying the cause of your pain before providing a strategy to address the discomfort.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Scottsdale Chiropractor

Treating plantar fasciitis starts with addressing the injury or pressure on your ligament. In our clinic, we develop a personalized plan of action to reduce your pain. To learn more about our treatment process or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor, call 480-462-5583 today.

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