Our Scottsdale Chiropractor Explains Scar Tissue

Scar tissue consists of fibrous connective tissue binding to injured soft tissues in an attempt to “reconnect” tissue fibers and our Scottsdale chiropractor, Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC is here to help!  You can have scar tissue develop in any body tissue, from skin to internal organs to skeletal muscles. Because scar tissue is denser and less elastic than original tissue, it tends to limit movement and decrease sensation due to reduced blood circulation in and around the damaged area.

How Scar Tissue Forms

Most scar tissue forms when injured soft tissues do not receive enough oxygen to heal properly. Scar tissue developing from “hypoxia”, or lack of oxygen, is likely due to poor posture, repetitive use of soft tissues and continuous pressure on soft tissues. Increased muscle tension in specific tissues interferes with blood flow to that area, depriving tissues of essential oxygen and nutrients.

Another side effect of scar tissue is nerve entrapment. When nerves are trapped by scar tissue, they can’t glide freely around within the tissue they innervate. Consequently, when you engage certain areas of your body restricted by scar tissue, nerves are irritated and inflamed. Symptoms of nerve entrapment include burning, numbness, weakness, aching and a “pins and needles” sensation.

How Our Scottsdale Chiropractor Can Help

At Secrest Family Chiropractic in Scottsdale, Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC employs the Graston Technique as a safe and effective scar tissue treatment. With the aid of special instruments, our chiropractor dissolves fascial restrictions and dense scar tissue by applying cross-fiber, therapeutic massage indicative of the Graston Technique.

The combination of Graston protocols and massage works to break down collagen clumps and scar tissue by stretching previously injured connective tissue and muscle fibers. Fluidified scar tissue is then naturally absorbed by your body, leaving you to enjoy better range of motion, improved strength and decreased pain. Conditions treated at our Scottsdale chiropractic office using the Graston Technique include but are not limited to lower back pain, hip pain, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ITB tendonitis, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff tendonitis and tennis elbow.

Call our chiropractic center today to learn more about how the Graston Technique can reduce the stiffness and pain of scar tissue: 480-994-4411.

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