How Chiropractic Care Treats 5 Common Sports Injuries

Whether you suffer from shin splints or a pulled hamstring, common sports injuries can stick you on the sidelines and keep you from living an active life. You do not have to consider yourself “athletic” to suffer a sports injury; all it takes is an afternoon jog to injure your ankle. Overuse, a sudden stop or twist, poor technique and improper or ill-fitting equipment are all common triggers for sports injuries. Without effective care, you could further strain a ligament or tear a tendon, exacerbating your injury.

Ankle Sprain, Shin Splints & Pulled Hamstring Sports Injury Treatment

Below, our chiropractor Dr. Secrest shares five of the most common sports injuries, including his tips for reducing the risk for injury and how chiropractic care can help.

#1: Common sports injuries include shin splints, a pulled hamstring, muscle spasms, an ankle sprain, and tennis elbow.

These injuries are typically caused by repetitive motions (like an improper golf swing or tennis swing) or by a pulled muscle. A spinal misalignment may also be an underlying root trigger for some of these injuries. Identifying the cause will help prevent future injury.

#2: Chiropractors are qualified to treat sports injuries.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Secrest, is a qualified injury doctor and licensed health professional who has completed medical training in musculoskeletal injury diagnosis, including sports injuries. Dr. Secrest has substantial experience helping patients safely heal following a sports injury. His interdisciplinary approach to injury rehabilitation and pain management combines chiropractic adjustments with physiotherapy exercises and massage therapy for enhanced pain relief and a faster recovery time.

#3: Sports injuries are diagnosed with physical examinations and diagnostic imaging.

Dr. Secrest diagnoses sports injuries using a combination of physical examinations and advanced diagnostic imaging, including X-rays and MRIs. When treating a sports injury, our goal is to not only treat the specific injury, but also to help the body safely heal. By identifying the cause of your injury, we can also help you take steps to prevent future problems.

Have you received chiropractic care for sports injuries? Share your experience below.

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