Scottsdale Chiropractor Can Alleviate Holiday Stress

Are you stressed out over the holidays (or throughout the year)? High levels of constant, unrelenting stress can damage your mental and physical health. Studies show that nearly 90% of all visits to the doctor stem from ailments that were caused by or worsened by stress. That includes everything from headaches, back pain and neck pain to heart trouble, weight issues, allergies, anxiety, and so many others. Do not let stress ruin your holidays or your health; our Scottsdale chiropractor can help!

Chiropractic Care for Prevent Stress, Improve Health This Holiday Season

Stress is both physical and mental in nature and it has been since the dawn of humans. The body is programmed with a flight or fight response whenever the mind perceives a stressful situation is under way. Our modern world stressors include work, Scottsdale traffic, family and interpersonal challenges, etc. These stresses are often constant in such a way that the body and mind never truly resolve the stress and it just hangs on, causing a buildup of stress hormones and musculoskeletal tensions that can lead to actual physical pain and distress. One feeds the other and it can be a vicious cycle. Spinal adjustments can actually help your body get relief from the pent-up, pain-inducing stress that many of us carry around.

There are chiropractic adjustments in particular that help with realigning vertebrae that can be pulled out of place as a result of constantly tensed muscles. In fact, back pain and neck pain are often ascribed to stress for this reason. By providing these gentle realignments, Dr. Secrest, DC helps the body release the physically pent-up tension that can make mental stresses even worse.

In addition, Dr. Secrest, DC can suggest other stress-relief strategies like massage therapy and nutritional adjustments that give your body extra stress relief and power that it needs to get through the holidays with ease!

Let us know: how do you find stress relief during the holidays?

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