Putting a Stop to  Shoulder Trouble in Scottsdale

A painful shoulder can ruin your quality of life. Let us look at some potential causes:

Nerve impingement – A pinched nerve can create pain and weakness at any point served by that nerve. A spinal misalignment that puts pressure on nerve roots in the thoracic or cervical spine can express itself as pain in the shoulder. You may also experience other unwelcome symptoms such as headaches, neck stiffness and tingling of the arm or hand.

Injured rotator cuff – This injury affects the shoulder joint’s connective tissues — the ligaments and tendons that allow your shoulder to rotate. A torn rotator cuff can leave you with severe pain and stiffness, drastically reducing your range of motion in the afflicted limb.

Adhesions – Did you injure your shoulder or have it operated on at some point in the past? If so, your current shoulder pain may be the result of imperfect healing. The body typically produces scar tissue around a muscle injury as part of the normal recovery process, but when this mechanism gets out of control, thick lumps of scar tissue known as adhesions may develop. These adhesions can make even small motions painful.

Inflamed tendons or bursa – Your shoulder joint’s tendons are supposed to slide easily over the bones and bursa (a fluid-filled sac that contains the joint) when you raise your arm. If an injury or chronic condition causes the tendons to rub against the bone, they become inflamed and swell up, causing progressively worsening pain.

Natural Relief from Our Scottsdale Chiropractor

Bring your sore shoulder to Secrest Family Chiropractic for non-surgical relief. If a pinched nerve is the culprit, chiropractic adjustment may take care of it. We may prescribe trigger point therapy or acupressure to relieve tissue pain and inflammation, or we may use Gua Sa or Graston Technique to break up adhesions. Dr. Daniel Secrest, DC also employs Koren Specific Technique to relieve your shoulder pain as it moves from position to position. Schedule your appointment today!

Did a specific event trigger your pain? What was it? Call us today at 480-994-4411.

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