Have you ever been standing in line at the grocery store or waiting at a bus stop and suddenly feel your heart racing and your blood pressure spike? Such responses can be unsettling and can even lead to full-fledged panic attacks.  In most cases, these physiological changes occur as a result of the panic pattern. Our Scottsdale chiropractor,Dr. Daniel Secrest, DC can help relieve these panic responses, as well as relieve an associated back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain

What is the Panic Pattern?

The human body comes equipped with a “fight or flight” defense mechanism. This response to danger and/or stress causes the heart to beat faster, the eyes to dilate and the body to function more keenly than ever before. This is the response that enables mothers to lift heavy equipment off of their injured child or a person to harness seemingly super-human speed to evade an attacker.  Once the threat has passed, the body returns to normal.

Resolving the Panic Pattern

Unfortunately, not all of the threats in today’s society fit so nicely into the confront or flee mode. The body’s “fight or flight” response can also be triggered by stressful situations like constant job pressure from a boss, a continuing argument with a spouse or an unresolved business problem. In such cases, the body has trouble returning to normal because there is not any relief from the fight or flight action. In such situations, a person can have a ongoing “panic attack” as the body attempts to deal with the constant call for extra adrenaline in its system.

Tempe and Mesa Chiropractic Care and the Panic Pattern

This panic pattern, left unchecked, can eventually become “locked” in place and result in back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. It can even lead to insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression and heart disease. Dr. Secrest can help ease these panic pattern symptoms (without prescription drugs) with a series of adjustments to the cranial, spine, sternum and affected soft tissue.

Secrest Family Chiropractic is a full service clinic that serves the Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa areas.  We use a wellness approach to treat back pain, neck pain, TMJ and other ailments of the spine, back, neck and jaw.

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Have you had a recent problem with panic attacks and the panic pattern? 

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