The Chiropractic Approach

You probably know that auto accidents can cause physical trauma, but you may not realize that immediate or emergency treatment is only the first milestone on the road to recovery. The return to optimal health may require periodic spinal adjustments, therapeutic massage and exercises, and addressing the mental and emotional trauma associated with the accident. Many types of auto injury cause trauma to the spine from the sheer amount of force transferred to the victim’s body, leading to disc problems, torn muscles, back pain and neck pain. Many victims suffer a form of neck trauma called whiplash that herniates discs and throws vertebrae out of alignment. While we want to correct these spinal issues through adjustment, decompression or other methods as soon as possible, our work does not end with structural repair — overall healing must also take place, and it must occur properly. The body will always try to heal itself from an injury, but it does not always do so correctly. Scar tissue can build up to form adhesions, areas of stiffness that can stop the healing process in its tracks and leave you with chronic pain and loss of mobility. We monitor recovering patients’ progress and prescribe the appropriate therapies — massage, for instance, can help break up adhesions, while strength and flexibility exercises can gradually restore the tissues to normal function. Our ownDr. Daniel Secrest, DC uses Koren Specific Technique (KST) to evaluate structural problems and make precise corrections from both the sitting and standing positions. This technique, often paired with massage, acupressure, low level laser therapy or other supportive therapies, not only relieves pain but can also help patients cope with the mental and emotional stresses of the accident.

Help for Auto Accident Injuries in Scottsdale

Here at Secrest Family Chiropractic our chiropractor, Dr. Secrest, has successfully treated a great many victims of Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale auto accident injuries over the years — and we can help you too. We understand how an accident can affect all areas of your life and we design treatment plans to help with your full recovery. Additionally, many motor vehicle injuries can be treated by Dr. Secrest with no out-of-pocket expenses, so you can focus on your recovery. Were you in an accident recently? What treatments helped you recover?

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