Chiropractic Nerve Treatment for Chronic Pain Issues

If you feel a nagging pain in your fingers, toes, arm or leg, you may wonder what you did to that part of your body to cause such as sensation. But in fact you may have done nothing at all to that specific area — the pain may be referred from another part of the body, especially the spine. This is why chiropractic care often proves so helpful for people suffering from extremity pain. When we resolve the underlying nerve problem, the pain in the extremities is alleviated.

Sciatica is a prime example of extremity pain originating in the spinal column. This variety of pain, numbness and tingling sensations occurs in the buttocks or leg (and may radiate all the way down into the foot) when a bulging disc or bone problem causes a pinched sciatic nerve. A similar condition called piriformis syndrome is due to the same nerve getting pinched within the piriformis muscle in the buttocks. A pinched nerve higher up may cause thoracic outlet syndrome, which causes pain and other sensations in the arms or hands. A cervical pinched nerve may also affect the upper extremities. Spinal misalignments and displaced intervertebral discs are often the culprits behind these cases of nerve impingement. Severe cases may even cause atrophy or loss of function in the affected limb.

Misalignment May Be Affecting Pain in Your Extremities

Whether you feel that annoying pain in your hands, feet, neck or back, our Scottsdale chiropractor at Secrest Family Chiropractic has the skills and expertise to evaluate and treat the musculoskeletal issues at the root of it all. Our natural, non-invasive methods, including Koren Specific Technique and other forms of chiropractic nerve treatment, can reposition bulging discs and put your spine back into its proper alignment, relieving painful nerve impingement for drug-free extremity pain, neck pain and lower back pain relief. Let us help you get your nerves working normally — and painlessly — again.

Where exactly are you feeling your particular form of extremity pain? Can you describe the symptoms?

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