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From The Scottsdale Downtowner, December 2007

By Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Pain is a Symptom, A Sign of “Dis-Ease”

The number one reason people see a doctor is to get relief from pain. Most patients seek a quick solution, such as a pill, an injection, an adjustment or massage. “Just fix me up, Doc. I don’t have time for this.” Today’s life style seems to call for the instantaneous, the “silver bullet” approach to everything. We want to “patch” or “dull” ourselves of the pain and immediately go back to doing what caused it in the first place. This fast paced world-with no time to heal-does not make good health sense. Pain is a symptom, a sign that something is wrong in your body. Your body is out-of-wack, in a state of “dis-ease.” It is calling for repair-not patchwork. Seeking quick solutions is like using duct tape on the broken table leg, a rag on a burst water pipe or chewing gum on cracked tea pot handle. Ignoring repair can lead to disastrous results at a later date in life. For most, it will be sooner than expected.

Five Pillars of Good Health

I am proud and pleased to be selected as a contributing writer for the ScottsdaleDowntowner. In the coming issues, I will write about the “five pillars of good health.” I will show you what happens when one or more of these pillars crumble and prolonged dis-ease turns into life-threatening disease of your vital organs. I will show you why it is so important to balance hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise and the structural stability of your body. I will show you how you can correct imbalances in all five areas-bringing you back to good health gradually and effectively-with a minimum of discomfort and a maximum of results. In a future column, I will show you a “90-second armchair workout” that can be done by anyone, no matter what is the state of your health. This workout will keep you smiling all day and help you sleep at night. It will increase your performance in whatever you do, improve your breathing, help eliminate headaches and muscle spasms and clear away morning brain fog. The structural integrity of your body is also very important and I will discuss how to strengthen your arms, legs, back and other body elements. With this knowledge and simple routines, you will perform better at your favorite sport, at work, school and in the home.

An Inter-disciplinary Approach to Healthcare

Now, before you get the idea that I profess to being a health guru-an all knowing physician of good health-I want to make it very clear to my readers and my professional peers that I recognize my limitations. I am a firm practitioner of an inter-disciplinary approach to healthcare. I believe all doctors should be. In my own private practice, as a chiropractor, I examine patents’ x-rays and perform other necessary tests to determine what structural corrections are needed and capable under my care. In doing so, it is not uncommon to find abnormalities that should be addressed by a medical or eye doctor, dentist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, psychologist, psychiatrist or other healthcare specialist. Other testing, outside of my normal scope of practice may also be warranted.Because our neighborhood is undergoing so much change at the present moment, I am often asked for the name of a healthcare provider by my patients. I also obtain recommendations from them which result in my interaction within the healthcare community. It is my hope that through this column, my referral list will grow and be utilized by my readers. I welcome your input and health questions and will respond privately to your queries. Should I find your question of general interest, I will always maintain your privacy, but may expand on the reply through this column. Only you and I will know who you are. Please observe the warning sign of pain. Seek to repair rather than patch. Prevent your dis-ease from becoming a life threatening disease. It’s good health sense.

“The First Healthy Stretch of the Day”

You can learn a great deal about staying limber and healthy from your pet. Did you ever notice how your cat or dog “stretches” when they awake? You, too, will start your day in a more serene and healthy way, if you take a few moments to stretch even before you get out of bed. Extend your arms high over your head, arch your back, extend your legs, toes and fingers to their max and hold that position for 10 seconds. Think about your day, and what you can do to make it a positive one. Now, take a deep breath and laugh at the day.

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