If you have been avoiding apples or gum lately because your jaw painfully pops or grinds when you chew, or if you sometimes wake up with a sore, or even locked jaw, your TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ) may be inflamed. TMJ disorder causes headaches, ear pain, difficulty talking and swallowing, neck pain, back pain and even nausea. The great news is that chiropractor Dr. Dan Secrest can help TMJ sufferers living in the Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe areas find relief from this awful pain in the jaw.

While dental problems from periodontal disease or injury can sometimes be a cause for TMJ, the most common culprit for jaw pain sufferers is actually stress and bad posture, both of which can be treated effectively and non-invasively by our chiropractor, Dr. Dan Secrest.

Do you ever notice yourself clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth when you are stressed out? Even if you answered no, you may still suffer from bruxism (jaw clenching, teeth grinding) while you sleep! If the occlusal surfaces of your teeth (the pointy parts that chew your food) are worn down, this can indicate that you have been grinding your teeth subconsciously. Poor posture also adversely affects your jaw and connected bones and tissues, placing more strain on the jaw, face, neck and shoulders.

If this sounds familiar, call and ask us how chiropractic care can help before pursuing a strictly dental treatment of your TMJ. Dental solutions for TMJ typically involve struggling to sleep with a bite plate that prevents nocturnal teeth grinding, or even worse – surgery! Why treat only the symptoms when Dr. Secrest can help you solve the root problem? Since stress and poor posture are the biggest causes for TMJ disorders, it makes sense to remedy those first. Chiropractic trigger point therapy and massage have already helped numerous patients find powerful, lasting relief from the pain of TMJ, even after just one session (though 4-6 sessions are the norm). Call us today!

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