Maybe you’ve always wanted to try visiting a chiropractor, but you never took the plunge in the past. Or maybe you’re recovering from an accident or injury, and you’re wondering whether a visit to your local chiropractor’s office might help you recuperate. Getting started with chiropractic care is easier than you might think, so there’s no reason to put off healing. Here’s what you can expect when you come in for your first appointment. 

Filling Out Paperwork

You’re probably familiar with the process of filling out paperwork when you visit a new medical or dental practice. The same thing happens when you visit a chiropractor for the first time. You’ll be asked to fill out forms with information about yourself, including your medical history and your reasons for seeking chiropractic care.

Getting a Physical Exam

Once your paperwork is in order, the chiropractor will administer a general physical exam to evaluate your current health and make sure that chiropractic care is safe for you. He or she will ask you questions about any discomfort or pain you may be feeling.

After the general examination, the chiropractor will also perform an examination of your spine. He or she may take X-rays of your spine to get a clearer picture of any alignment problems you might be experiencing. To help the chiropractor figure out which course of treatment is best for you, you will be asked to complete a variety of physical assessments, such as reflex tests and range-of-motion tests. 

Setting Goals

After evaluating you physically, the chiropractor will discuss your goals with you and come up with a potential treatment plan. If you are happy with the plan, you will need to make at least one follow-up appointment to come in for an adjustment.

Find Out Whether Chiropractic Care Is Right for You

Our Scottsdale chiropractic office is accepting new patients, and we would love to help you improve your health and well-being. Call us today to make your first appointment or to request more information about what we do. 

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