Millions of adults, as well as thousands of children, suffer the pain of arthritis. It’s not a disease, but a way of referring to a debilitating joint condition. It’s an umbrella word covering over 100 types of the condition. What is arthritis, and can a chiropractor help the condition? Secrest Family Chiropractic in Scottsdale wants you to know we can absolutely help.

What Is Arthritis?

Joints wear out with age. Inflammation damages the cartilage (which hold bones together) and sometimes the ends of the bones. The tendons (which hold muscles together) can also become inflamed and sustain damage. The result is inflammation or swelling, almost no range of motion, stiffness, and severe discomfort.

Although children and young people get arthritis, it’s most common in older people and particularly women. The condition is frequently mild, or it can be severe. Arthritis gets progressively worse, making it difficult to do daily tasks, walk, climb stairs, or sometimes move at all. There are several ways to handle the treatment of arthritis.

How A Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractic seeks to restore function to the structure. If joints are out of place, they can’t work properly. Taking the stress off the joint restores range of motion and curtails the discomfort.

Your local chiropractor will use physical manipulation, massage therapy, exercise, small electric pulses called TENS, cold laser treatment, more depending on your level of pain and the nature of the arthritis.

What he’s doing is using the tools of his trade to return your body to maximal if not full function. He will also treat any secondary symptoms of the painful joint. Let’s say you have knees with extreme discomfort. The small of the back also hurts.

That is the secondary pain syndrome. Your doctor might manipulate the small of the back, which would take the stress off the knees. He will also work with the muscles surrounding the knee, from which its support comes. These things together make the knees stronger and less painful.

We now have effective methods of treating arthritis. Secrest Family Chiropractic in Scottsdale uses many non-intrusive methods of dealing with the upheaval arthritis that can cause. Call today.

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