How Secrest Family Chiropractic Treats Golf-Related Pain

Scottsdale, Arizona, has some of the finest golf courses anywhere in the U.S. to make local golfers happy. What does not make them happy are the painful conditions that can arise from playing too much golf. Here are some common painful injuries we provide treatment for so you can get back on the course and have some fun.

Back Pain

Bending over and swinging a golf club repeatedly can throw your back out of alignment and cause a lot of pain, especially in the lower back area. A chiropractor will help to realign your skeletal system and provide a deep massage to help reduce and eliminate the pain.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Another painful condition that often develops occurs in the rotator cuff area. The pain is often caused by swollen muscles that press down on the joints in the arm and shoulder bones. We can help relieve the pain by manipulating the joints, massaging the affected area, and performing stretching and strengthening exercises.

Elbow Injuries

Often called “tennis elbow”, this condition occurs when the tendons in the elbow area become irritated and inflamed. We treat the conditions that cause tennis elbow to get you back on the course as fast as possible. You may have to take some time off from golfing to allow the treatments to work properly to reduce the inflammation. In some cases, a brace or elbow strap is used to immobilize the elbow to decrease healing time.

Knee Pain

A good golf swing typically produces a lot of pressure on the knees. As you age or if you have weak knees, the pressure can cause damage to the knee structure. It is important to have it looked at right away by a chiropractor to prevent any lasting damage from developing when out on the course.

Wrist tendinitis

Swinging a golf club can also lead to tendinitis developing in the wrist. We will perform several types of exercises designed to strengthen your wrists and ease the inflammation.

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When developing any of these painful conditions while playing golf in the Scottsdale area, you should contact us right away to start receiving treatment to make the pain go away. Call us today.

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