Whiplash from our Scottsdale Chiropractor

If you were in an auto accident in Scottsdale, it is important that you get checked out by a chiropractor. Lingering ailments such as whiplash can affect your quality of life and cause significant pain. Only chiropractors can identify signs of whiplash before you feel pain, treating you quickly and effectively.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash, a severe neck strain, is categorized by a delayed onset. Patients begin to experience neck pain and stiffness days or even weeks after the trigger. While whiplash is often thought of as a car accident injury, it can occur after any type of head trauma where the neck was whipped back and forth.

Signs that you could have whiplash include stiff neck, sore neck, decreased range of motion in the neck, dizziness, fatigue, and frequent headaches.

Whiplash will not resolve on its own, so seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms.

How Our Scottsdale Chiropractor Treats Whiplash

Chiropractic is the best way to treat whiplash, as it directly addresses the neck pain through hands-on adjustments.

When you come in for a consultation, our Scottsdale chiropractor will ask about your health, the auto accident, and any pain you feel. We will put you through tests to uncover your range of motion and find out where your neck was pushed out of alignment in the accident.

Next, we will develop a personalized care plan that resolves your symptoms. We make adjustments to your cervical spine using our hands and chiropractic tools. A series of adjustments can take several weeks to completely treat whiplash, but many patients feel relief after the first adjustment.

Along with chiropractic care, we may perform therapeutic massage, which loosens neck tension and heals tissue that was damaged in the crash. Massage helps you recover more quickly.

Get a Chiropractic Appointment After an Auto Accident

Here at Secrest Family Chiropractic, our Scottsdale chiropractor offers a free new patient consultation. If you were recently in an auto accident, why not take advantage of our offer and make sure everything is fine? Reserve your consultation on our website or by calling us at (480) 462-5583.

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