Without proper injury treatment, an auto accident can leave you struggling with serious back and neck pain for years to come. The good news is that chiropractic care can make a big difference for auto accident injury treatment. Our chiropractor in Scottsdale works closely with patients and insurance companies to ensure that everyone receives the affordable care they deserve following motor vehicle accidents. From the initial visit to your custom treatment plan, chiropractic care in Scottsdale can help your body recover more quickly following an auto accident:

How Chiropractic Care Helps Auto Injury Pain

#1: Provide immediate pain relief.

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches are all common following motor vehicle accidents. Chiropractic care in Scottsdale provides immediate relief by targeting the root cause for your pain. The force of an auto accident can knock the cervical spine out of alignment, causing a whiplash injury that triggers neck pain. Herniated discs in the lower back are also common auto injuries. Hands-on chiropractic care is a safe, effective way to restore proper alignment to the spine and relieve the nerve compression that is triggering this pain.

#2: Restore mobility to the body.

Stiffness and soreness is common following motor vehicle accidents, especially if accident victims have sustained a whiplash injury. You may find it extremely painful to turn your neck from side to side, look up or down, sleep comfortably at night, or focus on work during the day. Chiropractic care treats this stiffness by bringing mobility back to the body. Our auto injury chiropractor in Scottsdale will teach you corrective exercises that help you safely move without the pain.

#3: Treat whiplash injuries.

Whiplash injuries can occur at speeds as slow as 5mph – all it takes is a minor fender bender to whip your neck backwards and forwards, knocking the cervical spine out of alignment. If you are suffering from whiplash pain, chiropractic care is safe and effective option to restore cervical spine alignment and mobility.

Have you received chiropractic care for an auto accident injury? Share your experience below!

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