Our chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Secrest, DC, uses low-force applied kinesiology based techniques to gently and effectively help patients overcome a wide range of injuries and chronic conditions. These are unique techniques developed in response to the needs of patients and provide for a more comprehensive, structural approach to alleviating physical imbalances that are causing pain. Dr. Secrest, DC uses a three step process to relieve conditions ranging from back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines to sciatica, TMJ, rotator cuff injuries and more.

What is Applied Kinesiology? Our Chiropractor in Scottsdale Explains:

The three steps our chiropractor in Scottsdale uses in his low-force applied kinesiology based techniques are:

  • Structural Exam—Dr. Secrest, DC takes patients through a head-to-toe chiropractic exam that analyzes the entire bodily structure, in numerous positions, so that problems can be exactly pinpointed. He evaluates the skull, jaw, the entire spine, hips, sternum, arms, legs, shoulders, ankles, feet and even the wrists and fingers.
  • Biofeedback Testing—Using muscle testing and several biofeedback techniques, Dr. Secrest, DC tests the positioning and muscle tone of potentially affected segments of the body to determine whether they are out of balance.
  • Activator Adjustment—Dr. Secrest, DC uses an FDA-approved device that gently delivers an electromechanical impulse that comfortably adjusts an affected area into correct alignment.

The key to our Scottsdale chiropractor’s success with these applied kinesiology techniques is how accurately he can diagnose a problem in a patient’s structural makeup, by having the patient move around during the exam. It is often hard to get a correct sense of a person’s injury if they are simply lying on an exam table. Therefore, the patient may be asked to “recreate the scene” of the accident or move into the “position of discomfort”, if at all possible. This helps Dr. Secrest, DC to get a better sense of the forces involved in the injury or condition, from the moment it started hurting.

We always say, “Listen to your body.” If you are in pain, your body is telling you it needs help. Secrest Family Chiropractic’s gentle, revolutionary chiropractic care can help.  Call 480-994-4411 to schedule your free consultation.

What questions do you have about applied kinesiology-based techniques? Just ask us below!

Note: As with any healthcare treatment/therapy, results are not guaranteed and there are no promises or claims made by the doctor, office staff or the corporation for the cure of any disorder, disease or condition. Chiropractic adjustments and supportive therapies are designed to reduce and/or correct subluxations, allowing the body to return to improved health.

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