Just when you thought everything you wanted to know about Secrest Family Chiropractic had been said we went ahead and turned on our blog machine. Now you can ask questions that you were afraid to ask or voice your opinion about anything that is occupying your mind. Health issues are what we are all about and the answers are here but you have to ask. How else can we answer? This blog is meant to enlighten and educate our patients with up to date resources and procedures that Secrest Family Chiropractic is working on. We welcome our patients from South Scottsdale as well as Mesa and Tempe to post concerns with what to do with lower back pain, neck pain or where to go for relief after an auto accident. In case you didn’t know, we are not just about physical rehabilitation. Our team can also help you achieve total health and wellness by treating stress disorders, depression and anxiety.  You’re probably feeling a little anxiety about leaving a comment at the bottom of this blog. Well you don’t have to because this is an informal method of communication between you and our office and can be totally anonymous. Remember we are here to help and now we have a method where you don’t have to call or visit our office with questions that are troubling you.

In conclusion we would like to thank you for reading our first of many blogs to come and hope that you leave plenty of questions for our eager staff to respond to.  Any day is a good day to begin your journey to an optimal healthy lifestyle. We offer free consultations and can design a customized wellness plan just for you.

Dr. Daniel Secrest, DC means it when he says:“I want to be your Chiropractor!” Call now for your free consultation at  480-994-4411

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