Banish Neck and Back Pain with the Koren Specific Technique

Do you feel overwhelmed by chronic back and neck pain? Are you frustrated with physicians who are unable to locate the cause of your pain – leaving you to feel like the pain is “all in your head”? If so, the Koren Specific Technique (KST) may be able to help.

Enjoy Long-term Back Pain Relief by Retraining Your Muscle Memory

As the first chiropractor to bring KST to the greater Phoenix area, Dr. Daniel Secrest, DC is proud to offer this comfortable, life-changing chiropractic treatment to the Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa communities. KST offers a unique therapy to patients who suffer from chronic pain due to an untreated traumatic injury sustained in the past. While the mind moves forward and the body, mechanically, tries to compensate for this injury, the musculoskeletal system is still physically damaged. This trauma, which may also impact internal organs and the endocrine system, which can lead to long-term health problems.

KST consists of three steps: Challenging, Checking and Correcting. The first step evaluates the entire body, Starting with the skull (head), to the spine and discs, ribs and down the legs to the feet, as well as the arms to the hands. The second step determines whether a body part is in proper position. If it is not, restoring proper alignment and re-training muscle memory is essential. Finally, a comfortable-yet very powerful-correction is achieved by using an FDA-approved activation instrument, called an ArthroStim.

During a KST session, you may be adjusted in a standing, sitting or “moving” position as well as the traditional chiropractic prone position. You may be surprised to hear Dr. Secrest ask you to “get in a position where you feel pain,” such as riding your motorcycle, playing your violin or simply bending, reaching or rising from your chair. The goal of these actions is to locate both current and past injuries or traumas. By specific skeletal correction and by unlocking painful muscle memories, he can retrain and properly align your musculoskeletal system.

KST is not a “quick fix” nor is it a “5-minute chiropractic adjustment.” Our chiropractor helps Scottsdale back pain patients heal their bodies by locating the underlying cause for their pain. For many chronic pain patients, this cause may be deeply locked within the body. Retraining muscle memory allows the body to physically release this trauma and finally heal.

If you suffer from chronic pain and traditional treatments have not succeeded, we may be able to help. Dr. Secrest understands that your pain is “not in your head,” but physically locked deep within your muscles.

Are you wondering if KST chiropractic is right for you? Post a question for Dr. Secrest below!

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