Pregnancy causes physical changes, and those changes can not only cause discomfort but also present a possible challenge to a healthy delivery. Fortunately, here at Secrest Family Chiropractic we know how to help expectant mothers experience less discomfort during pregnancy while optimizing their chances for a healthy delivery.

The weight gain that comes with pregnancy can cause misalignment within the spine. A growing belly alters your weight distribution, which affects not only your spine but all your weight-bearing joints and muscles. Back pain is frequent occurrence since the spine assumes an unfamiliar curvature and begins to press against nerves. Joint pain, neck pain and headaches are common as well.

Sore, tight muscles may have a problem expelling toxins as fluid builds up, causing swelling in the legs and feet. If you already suffer from such problems, then the progressive bodily changes that occur during pregnancy can aggravate them. Even more importantly, if your nervous system is impaired from these imbalances you may not be in the best possible shape to deliver your baby, leading to a needlessly difficult or complicated birth.

The Right Chiropractor for Mother and Baby

Our Scottsdale chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Secrest, DC, has experience valuable in helping expectant mothers feel more comfortable and maintain their best possible health. He uses gentle forms of spinal adjustment such as Koren Specific Technique to detect and correct spinal misalignments, which helps relieve back pain without causing you or your baby harm. We also prescribe massage therapy to help your body relax and distribute its own natural painkilling substances to ease sore muscles and joints. Massage also helps relieve swelling and helps your body distribute nutrients more freely.

Questions about chiropractic care during pregnancy? Feel free to contact our office to schedule an appointment to go over your wellness care options.

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